I wish I was a kid again

living in a world free of sin

Free from wars that has no meaning


I’m still California Dreaming

leaning on my own understanding

Tired of politicians deceptive grandstandings

Telling you what you want to hear,

so they can get your vote

It’s either the Ballot or the Bullet

not watermelon and chicken

and just because I eat at chick-fil-A,

don’t make me anti-gay

It just means I accept marriage to mean a husband and a wife

I’m Pro Life

Live and let Live

Tp be or not to be

and yet,


I just want to kick back and eat a pork sandwich

While watching Charlotte play wth her web

in search for Wilber

Follow me?


Society can be a cruel place

and I often feel like a mental case

worrying about my family’s safety

Not caring whether or not if the Executioner hates me

Humans will always be at odds with humanity

It’s the essence of insanity

One Nation under God has never existed

Uncle Sam keeps murderers enlisted

Never forget My Lai, Vietnam


Some times can be a little too much

I often feel that I’ve grown out of touch

I shun liars and speak the truth

Having immature folks call me a nincompoop

My Mother tells me I don’t understand,

While I explain to her I speak with the tongue

of a changed man

So-called friends say these nine pounds of steel has drove me insane


I wish they would feel my pain

By Charles Chucky Mamou 2012

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