I Wonder 2012


I wonder why a politican- Newt, can seek forgiveness from God
But society says a death row inmate can’t
999333 screams for “freedom” while justitia faints rationales?
Don’t be a tattletale.
nor a prevaricator,
just try to understand what I am going through
don’t make it all about me
cause I wonder what would you do?
Living unjustly in mouldy cells that leaks acid rain,
poppen chlorphen tablets just to alleviate the pain
and in whose name do thee trust?
Recall the day Shakofa was slain?
Was humanity’s march in vain?
I wonder do judical miscarriages make you mad too,
or ARE YOU just another Victim of the BLIND JUSTICE FLU
its contagious!
I wonder whatever happened to the days of Jungle
joices and animal cookies
Aten in the invigorative sun
Now I live in a iron jungle
just for perverted judicial fun
I wonder will my Anthony Graves day become my very own shinning moment of joyous tears and welcoming hugs,
or just a figment of my very own prankish imagination

Written by Charles ‘chucky’ Mamou 2012

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