It always raises a laugh out of me when folks say “You need Jesus in your life” after they find out I’m on Texas Death Row. Now I wont even deny my beliefs within the great man, Jesus, but for all Christians- Don’t we all need Jesus in our lives? No matter ones current situation?
I recently received a letter from an old friend that I had not heard from since 1998. She’s a religious woman’ now (lord knows she was a freak back in the days and I thank god I knew her way back when) ..a Christian. She’s happily married and the mother of a teenage son. She said she had no idea I was on Death Row and thought I had simply received a few years in prison and was about to get released. Until she saw me on Facebook, she wanted to know what could she do to help me get free and or help to comfort me somehow.
God Bless that Christian woman.
You know if I had a nickel.. ok, maybe a hundred dollars for every time someone comes to me and says they are a Christian and will pray for me because I’m on Death Row; id be rich, prayers is cool but prayers without substance is dead:

Matthew Chapt.25 vs 35-36
“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty,
And you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger
And you invited me in. I needed clothes, and you took care of me.
I was in prison, and you came to visit me”

          When I ponder the meaning and value of what Jesus was trying to install into his followers’ minds, I don’t see many images of American Christian faces. I see the faces of foreigners, who are Agnostics and Atheists. People from other countries who don’t even believe in any existence of any god, Philanthropists who rather use science to explain complexities of this worlds supernatural phenomenons, than to submit to an overall idea… a belief in the existence of the almighty Jahveh.
I suppose my decade-plus of incarceration has made me somewhat of a xenophile, too which I warmly embrace. I am a appreciative human being towards their kindness. Humanity has a mega purpose within my life; within the way I now think and within the way I perceive people. Many of you have heard multiple preachers say “Give me my flowers while I am alive to enjoy them, not when I am dead and gone.” I feel the same way, in that if you all care about me, then figuratively send my flowers now (be apart of my life) otherwise keep them. So to all you ‘christians’ out there I am puzzled as to what it means to you to be a Christian.?
I’ve read the bible at a minimum ten times, front to back. Studied multiple facts of religion, e.g. Islam. Hinduism, different faiths of Christianity. Even took Theology course at Dallas Baptist college and was ranked first in my class, until I lost interest. So I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about without being verbally ignorant nor judgemental, when I tell you that those (foreigners ) that display characteristics of being a Christian based on what the bible says an is, don’t even believe in anything the bible says nor its origin, and yet these strangers fed me when I was hungry, quench my thirst when I was thirsty, clothed me when I was nude, visited me in prison when I was lonely and invited me into their lives/homes as if I was a blood relative. They believe in my innocence because they believe in me. They believe in my freedom because they believe in the laws of humanity as a whole. To pick up a fallen brother/sister when they have fallen and seeks to rise up again. They are builders of life not destroyers.
I have a male friend from Germany who speaks No English, has never visited me and he only writes once a year (its difficult to express himself in English) but he has been paying my legal fees for years now. Something he volunteered to do on his own. All he ever writes is “Focus on success and you will be free” And believe it or not I believe his every word.
I have friends from England, Canada, Norway, Australia, Asia who don’t have much but they write me weekly just to make sure my spirits are lifted by their kindness of thought. I am a stranger and they treat me like a family member.
In 2011 I wrote several formal letters to a few Mega churches, whose leaders carry world renown names. Preachers from Houston, Dallas, New York, La and a few other locations. All I asked was that they reach out to some of these condemn men and women here on Texas death row,”prayers is cool and well needed but an encouraging letter would be great for moral” NO ONE HEARD ANYTHING.
Not that I am mad about the wasted money I spent mailing them letters, cause I’m not. But you’d think the teachings of Christianity would have driven them to act in some kind of way. I’m mindful of a story in the bible within Luke Chap.10 vs.30-37( I’ll paraphrase)” A man was going to Jericho to buy them new Air Sandals, when some jackers attacked him, taking all his money and leaving him for dead. A priest saw him and figured the dying man musta done something wrong to deserved fate and turned the other way-ignoring aid. A Levite (a homeboy,friend, or brother) came to him, may still be around to do him the say way, so he decided to mind his own business. Then a Samaritan (someone who don’t own this dying man anything, nor related in any way) came along and out of compassion for any fellow man; against all odds and danger went to help the dying man.
I’m mindful that this story was told with the example of showing the readers that the priest and the Levite as considered to be Christians. The Samaritan was not.
Trust me I can understand how many of you don’t want to have anything to do with a person that is on Death Row. The stereotypes would make anyone to take a pause. Being on Death Row is more about the Politics involved than the crime. But whatever you take or don’t take from this message, understand the meaning cause its not about me, solely. Many of you have family in prison and has never sent them a card, nor paid them a visit. I employ you to pick that pen up at this point and write them. Being in prison isn’t a disease, it just mean for some of us we made a mistake against society and others actually did nothing wrong to be incarcerated.
SHOUT OUT to Suedee, Pop, Kendal, T-June, and Stewart Brooks who is about to regain his Freedom. Make me proud.
Personally, I don’t care what’s your faith, as I’ve stated that many of my now friends and international family do not even pledge allegiance to any branch of religion, I love them dearly and would stand before God to vouch for them. However to all those who think they are Christians, if you gonna throw God in the faces of the incarcerated or the worldly uneducated, or wear Jesus on your Sleeves, THEN BE ABOUT THE CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS and not pretentious sanctimony.

Written By Charles Chucky Mamou
July 2013

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