Lonely Heart of A Lonely Man


Sunday January 27th 2013, 4.05 p.m

            Sitting back listening to the Blues on a program called “Big Baby’s Smoked out Blues Show and he is really jamming. Nostalgia has never felt so beautiful.  A song by the late Marvin Sease is playing and I was taken back in time to a club called “The Blues Angel” in Lafayette, Louisiana,, where I met the singer during the intermission of his concert.

            I was a Marvin Sease fan, so I wanted to see him perform live. I took my then girlfriend Sedonia, with me. Lawd knows that chile was ridiculous fine back in the days. By the time we arrived he was wrapping up his last song for the first set. We went to take a seat at the bar to order a drink while Sedonia stood behind me leaning on my shoulders. I just happened to look back to see his dark skinned man lick his fiery red tongue at Sedonia.  His tongue had to have been six inches long. When he saw me looking at him, he controlled himself standing next to him was a huge man his body guard. Then I realized it was Marvin Sease. He offered me a drink that I refused before he told me “Young Man you got a nice one (sedonia) You have a fine one”

          My mind drifted off to my favorite club in Sunset Pauls Playhouse. D.J.  Lil Devil was a beast on those turntables. I can still see my cousin ‘Mr Excitement… Patrick Henry doing his best James Brown impersonation. I still can see Mom Tutt sitting down dressed like a Queen, hearing her son perform.  Everybody dancing with smiles on their faces and sweat all over their bodies having a good time.

          Then there was Slim-Y-Ki-Ki, the Pit Stop bousta Kings Ranch, and too many good places that I enjoyed a grand – ole -time and for the past 14 years, now more than ever, its these places and those memories that comforts me the most on days when I am truly Lonely.

          I have written hundreds, if not thousands of articles, blogs interviews and other literature, and most of what I wrote was more for the viewers, than for me, I rarely speak what’s on my heart, because so many can not comprehend. I mean its no fun staying in one position for a whole day times fourteen Years. That’s what solitary confinement does. Sometimes I’ll bust a few Zydeco moves just to see if I still have it, and I do (smile)  Just missing my boots and a real dance partner.

          I’ve been keeping up with most of you, I’ve admired you all’s success in you all’s personal and professional lives. Only wish that I was there to celebrate, grow and be apart of it all.  Infact the fact that I’m not there, eats away at me like a cancer. I feel I let so many of you down. I know I have.  Many of you often write to me asking, “when will you come home?”  If it was up to me I would have never left. If it was me I would have never abandoned my Mother, my children and loved ones. But I did not create this world.  I know, shocking, huh?

          Fellas look towards your lady,. Hug and kiss her, realize what you have in her and do whatever you have to, to stay by her side. Take it from me, sleeping alone for years is as lonely as you can get.

          Ladies look towards your man and understand that its not easy putting food on the table. Be a lil more understanding than nagging.

          I know I am the luckiest inmate alive to have family that refuse to give up on me and made the cutest T-shirts for me. That shit really touched my heart. And the food that Angie cooked looked mighty tasty. Just think the last time I held her she was no taller than my oldest Child. Now she’s all grown up.

          I want all my Children to know that I am so proud of them. Keep Education First and all the success in the world will be yours for the taking. Leave them lil boys alone, cause I would really hate to be forced to @@@@  one of them boys up,. Behind my Child. Oh and I’m serious.

          Ima send a shout out to the whole Henry Clan.  I love y’all. Anitra get at yo cuz and when you coming to visit me?  Trust me I’m lonely and could benefit from seeing a few familiar faces.

         And so I leave you all with a song by Al Green “How to Mend a Broken Heart”

But listen to it with good thoughts

love Always

Chucky Forever.

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