A Time To Kill (The Reality Scoop)



            I recently had a media visit with a tall, average looking fifty- something old man from the gate I knew he was in the Law Enforcement field. He had that rugged, but calmly controlled demeanour that alerted me to the possibility that he was a cop. He had dead straight hair piercing and interrogating eyes. Kinda dirty harry like, ina way that everything I said would be tested, mentally chewed and digested. A challenge that I inwardly salivated to meet.

Before we begin. I have something to tell you. Depending on your feelings you may or may not want to talk to me. But I do not want to deceive our confidentiality. Ok? He asked in a cool and calm way. I nodded in agreement as I watched him through the glass window that separated us from any physical contact. “I’m a cop In fact I’m chief deputy in my city” he paused rehearsed in a way. Waiting for me to react. He later would tell me that the four other inmate-interviewees before me were indifferent towards his revelation, having one guy drop out of the interview. Another felt betrayed and the others, though agreeing to continue the interview, had drawn back, some, sheltering their once candid openness. “my best drug-using customer was a cop named Iristeale. A good man with a bad habbit” I began saying “In fact, my most loyal friend was once a Asst. D.A of Lafayette La. He once stopped his plea – arraignment when he saw me, just to give me a hug, as a show of support. I’ve sat down at a table with judges and was awarded leniency when charges was brought against me. I never did any time for acts I was actually guilty of. “What you do matters little to me. Who you are is all that matters” I explained.

Well I also believe in the Death Penalty, though I’m having doubts about how it is used in Texas” he explained “So do I in a way, I suppose. Its the American way!”

            Of course he wasn’t reading my words are perhaps baffled at my statement. Be advised, if you think the death penalty means a defendant, a judge, a idiot D.A or a unnerved and bias jury then you are not open to the depth of jurisprudence in the term: Death penalty; nor Justice.

Care to explain?” he asked.

           I asked him if he supports Abortion and he being a conservative Texan gave me a liberals political correct view by telling me its up to the Woman.

I didn’t give you a c-box to circle, my question was either or yes or No”


           The reason he agrees with Abortion is that he believes rape victims ought to have the right to abort the un-wanted pregnancy.

             I asked him about armed police officers shooting and killing unarmed suspects. Thought slow to respond he still tried to defend the murderous act by his fellow law enforcement colleagues.. I asked him about war (s) and how he felt the day of September 11th 2001. He told me he supports wars cause, “America was riding the world of all axis of evil” Of course when a nation invades another nation dropping its bombs on unarmed targets or sending in their drone planes or heavily armed tanks and foot soldiers, more likely innocent foreign civilians … people human beings.. God’s creations will be murdered, receiving a death sentence.

Collateral Damage” he dismissed.

           I questioned him on whether it was ok, or Godly acceptable to kill foreign civilians just to murder Osama Bin Laden?

We were at war. There are no innocent civilians on foreign soil. If they had to die to get the ‘mastermind’ of the 9.11 plot that murdered over a thousand innocent Americans, Then you damn right they deserve to die. May Bin Laden rot in hell! He stated very passionately turning beef red.

           His comments made me reflect back to a movie I saw as a free man, “A Time to Kill” Samuel L. Jackson (Hollywood’s most underrated actor) played Carl Lee Haley. Jake McGaints was played by actor Matthew McConaughey, the brilliant and righteous lawyer who made a parallel between his beliefs that his client and friend, though guilty of two counts of murder still did not deserve to be found guilty of the killings. . Contorted? Hypocritical? Malentendu? In the movie Jake McGaints closing argument to the jury was an impressive psychological barrage of emotional logic when he said “In all these legal movings, Something has gotten lost..The Truth.

Now I want to tell you a story. But I’m going to ask you all to close your eyes”

          Jake McGaints wanted the jury to close their eyes and open their un bias minds and unprejudiced hearts. The movie was symbolic to the racial tensions of the South; In Mississippi during the 60’s, When Black Americans were treated like third class citizens. The clever trick the brass lawyer used was to get that all White jury to ask what would they do if the victimized black girl was a little white girl. Their reality? Would be A Time to Kill.

             I am the proud father of some beautiful, well raised and intelligent children. And if any of my children was harmed violently without provocation, I can only tell you honestly what’s in my heart “There’s no place in the this universe that those violators could hide from my wrath.”

            The Chief deputy said he understood my point, being “We humans react on emotions. We convict on emotions too, and that’s the reason why the Death Penalty can never be about ‘due – justice’ because our emotions are quick to point the finger and judge”.

            The majority of Americans are not that practical nor patient to weigh the circumstances that evolved around each tragic incident. Murder has been this American Land’s DNA since the invasion from Puritans upon peaceful Native Indians. Even today, Hell’s flames burn brighter and higher today than ever without the NRA’s influence, because as a nation we still preach, teach and promote-HATE. Racism, classism, sexism and ignorance are all mainstays of the ignorance we tolerate in this country [America].

            The practice of the Death Penalty isn’t about Justice, its about oppression, its about emotions that has run amok, leading all of us into a sea of blindness.

            Do not think for one second that I do not consider myself apart of the majority because I do. But just like any AA meeting or any addict the first stop is admitting that you have a problem and that’s what I’ve done and am doing I am in the process of rewiring my ignorance into empathy towards everyone.

             What Carl Lee Haley did in the movie, is how many Americans function in Real life and I’ll be frank: Carl Lee was wrong, just as wrong as anyone who supports the murder of any human being is wrong as well.

             There is no such thing as ‘A Time To Kill; because if we learn to live in love and respect, and see each other as equals, we could achieve universal peace and make our sol creator proud. But the 1st stop must be taken by each one of us as individuals. We need to change ourselves and the way we think before we can offer change to everyone else.

By Charles Chucky Mamou, February 2013


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