Justice for Trayvon? yeah right?



Optimism was all up in here  (America) with then –Senator Barack H Obama’s historical November 4th 2008 Presidental election victory. You all do recall the ‘timeless’ photographs of a weeping ninety something year old woman who cried out, “I can now die in peace for Dr King’s Dream has finally come true”.  Black and White Americans hugged tightly with one another as thou they were auditioning for a remake of Spike  Lee’s movie “Jungle Fever” Folks  black folks talked about repartitions, rap concerts on the front lawn of  Pennsylvania Avenue even changing the Presidential estates’ color to a dark brown: The Brown House.

Of course  America’s infrastructure power comes from the minute minority of political minds that banks on the naiveté of the politically uneducated voters out there who knows nothing of politics thou somehow manage to deceive  themselves into thinking that they know everything there is to know. People who vote cause its their civic duty or Right, or because they favour one  color (Red) over the other color (Blue and vice versa. Some vote on the pocket that holds their lucky rabbit foot or whatever limited deceptive analogies they conjure up to appease their blind naivete. But all those who are keen on the nature of Politics ‘knew’ nothing had really changed except the name of the chief and the color of his skin. Thou, ask any  O’Mallory (Irish folks) and they’ll tell you “Ahi. Obama ezz one of us”.

Be it as it may, there was a spike in open miscegenation’s and interracial marriages; or for you Gay folk; unions and partnerships before some states allowed same sex marriages. White folks felt liberated in their usage of the N-word and freely said it openly; in the same free way Muslims are quick to offer bean pies in fellowship. Blame it on the Hip Hop culture  and all of their dogma. Many pointed to change in race relationships because  white guys that had a good looking black chick by his side was instantly certified ‘Hood’, the way many of you see Robin Thicke. White women grew asses to fine that Black magazine publications paid top dolla to have them pose for them. I for one am not mad at them. Everything seemed to finally come racially together, right? The New Normal became a post racial America.

Then came that dreadful day in Florida’s 2012. On a cool night were somehow a walk to the store, plus skittles, plus a Gatoraide, somehow equalled a 17 teen year old kid being murdered. By 2013 the killer,. George Zimmerman, was aquitted. Trayvon Martin remained dead and that recorded cell phone scream would become a infamous battle cry for a renewed racism in America. Or as the Political minded people would say “Nothing was renewed; for nothing had ever changed”.

As sad as Trayvon’s murder was, I’d like to bring your attention to a little fourteen year old boy names Emmett Till, he was murdered by a few ‘George Zimmermans’ simply because he whistled at a white woman (before interent lusting of the Cocos of the world was exceptable) My historical flamboyant knowledge could name a hundred little boys and girls that was murdered unjustly in the 1960’s alone by cold heated Caucasians. In every case the murderers was aquitted or was never arrested.

Perhaps many of you would criticize my contrite nostalgia as outdated news. Thou I would argue one should never forget the past in order to prevent the same mistakes in the future. Having said that, I could  name thirty people who was murdered in this current century by Law enforcement or uncivil stand your ground citizens. Maybe more since Houston, Texas has had 4 cases already in 2013 alone. One such murder that really tugs at my heart happened in Detroit. A little girl Alyana Jones only 7 years old then, was sleeping peacefully on the sofa of her home when police burst through her front door startling her awake. Police  stormed in with infrared assault rifles. One officer aimed it at her, then fired several times. Instantly killing this innocent child that was made into a angel. Of course the officer will say he was scared for his life. Scared of a 7 year old child that held onto a doll for protection from Monsters. Some children die with skittles in their hands, others die holding dolls, Justice?

I’m reminded of Oscar Grant who was gunned down because the officer said he ‘thought’ he was using his taser, not his high powered gun. In Grand Coteau, La, I recall a guy I personally knew by the name of Chhse, who was murdered by a dozen or so police officers that all circled around him. My point is, we all have a story or few of knowing a unarmed someone(s) who was murdered by the poice, or some overzealous citizen that support the Tea Party and thinks what Sarah Palin says is law.  People are being murdered because they ‘look’ dangerous cause they wore a hoodie or wore their pants down off their butts, or because their skin bore the wrong color.

Many professional athletes and celebrities of all races came out against the equital of Zimmerman. Many regular folks wore “I AM TRAYVON” T-shirts and took to the streets by the thousands all over America’s cities peacefully protesting what is clearly a mockery of America’s judicial laws and continuance of arrogant injustice. So much so , the President of the United States spoke publicly saying” if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon “ “Then President Obama went a step further saying “Growning up, that (Trayvon incident) could have been me “(of course, had it been a re election year for the President I doubt he would have spoke out in a nexus relative  of he and Trayvon…..Politics)

However; when the President said “The American Justice system is a flawed system but its still the Greatest system in the world” I was left deflated and mentally bruised. Are you fuckin serious???

America’s Judicial system may not be the worst but it sure like Hell isn’t the best, not even in the world’s top 5 of all nations. If anything the American system has always been at its best when messing over the innocent, the wrongly accused, people of color and all races that live along the poverty lines. The Constitution does not universally offer rehabilitation, but it does support slave labor for inmates. Check the books and see for yourself. A Perfect system that supports slavery of any kind is no system at all.

It may be the  ‘best’ system for the rich who can pay for justice as they see it, but it’s the poor and people of color who always suffer injustice. And why is that? In this country? Is it the lack of wealth or political capital? Or something as simple as being poor and liking skittles?

The philosopher Thrasymachus said it best “I proclaim that might is right, and justice is the interest of the stronger… The different forms of government make laws, democratic, aristocratic or autocratic, with a view to their respective interests; and these laws, so made by them to serve their interests, they deliver to their subjects as ‘justice’ and punish as ‘unjust’ anyone who transgresses them.  And by his own words. If Thrasymachus were alive today he would condemn ‘anyone’ who would say that America’s judicial system is the best in the world. This same ‘Best system’ failed Trayvon, failed Aiyanna,. Failed Oscar, failed the thousands upon thousands who were murdered unjustly by those that society’s elite deems unjust and the estimate millions plus that sits in a prison cell beyond reasonable  ‘punishment’ just to appease Corporate investors, who has invested billions into privatized prisons. They have to keep the prison population full at all cost, Is this Justice?

What our President should have said is what Oklahoma city Thunder center, Kendrick Perkins said, “America justice system is a joke”.

Plain and simple.

You have men and women who sit on Death row awaiting execution that had never killed anyone before but because they were convicted under  temerarious  laws such as Law of Parties, the government admits these inmates never killed anyone but because they knew or know the actual killer some how they deserve the same punishment the actual killer get (under the law,. Many times the killers get a life sentence and the co defendants get the death sentence) Or you can go to prison on False testimony influenced by crime stopper’s reward money aimed at the poor so you say what they want you to say and you get a few thousand bucks. Nothing worst than a snitch than a lying snitch influenced on greed.  SHOUT OUT TO MY LYING SNITCH, TATA.

Justice for Trayvon, isn’t obtainable. For historically, justice has never came free of charge in this country. You can buy what they media and your supporters may declare is justice in ‘favorable outcome’ but if you cant afford the price of this faux Justice you will experience the torture emotional and physical that is inflicted upon those that can not defend themselves properly against a barbaric and insane American Justice system.

May all the Past,Present and sadly to acknowledge –future Trayvon Martins of this ountry find Justice in this unjust American society.  Somehow. Until then, as it was said “May ever man be for himself and God be for us all”

Justice for Trayvon N#c%*s PLEASE DON’T KILL MY HIGH!!!

Written by Charles Mamou July/august 2013

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