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I’ll tell you a trend that I am hearing a lot that really leaves me in a conundrum, is when I hear “Reality T.V. Shows are so Real, I love it”

Really now?! I’m sure most of you urban-Reality T.V loyalists heard of the program called, ‘Basketball Wives, right? Where a bunch of women whose only claim to fame is that they have children by professional athletes or was once married to one -scream at each other, curse like sailors, threaten to harm one another physically, and from time to time pull one another’s hair while wrestling on to the floor and somehow make the incident more sexually alluring by revealing their panties or breasts, thou it gets blurred out by the cameras. Staged or what?

Reality sure has changed since I was last a free man. The women I saw that fought other women didn;t look like paraded dolls on a Mary Kay make up show. The women I knew pulled out their own weave, popped off their press-on nails and fought for real and not for show once the director yelled !Action! As the cameras began filming.

What’s interesting to me about this ‘Reality – Basketball Wives” show (all pun intended) is one of its female stars, Evelyn Lozada. She was recently married and now divorced after a little more than two months to Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson, a ex NFL football player (note: Dude was my favorite player when he played for the Bengals. Damn shame he wasted his talents) Well these pretentious love-birds had a incident where she accused him of head butting her in their car during a heated argument. He claims she hit him first. The typical “He said she said” allegations. They were made for Reality T.v lol.

Do I care about their relationship, their fight, or their addiction towards wanting to be media – whores? Hell no! What I care about is something she said on a recent talk show after her read butting incident “Who I portray on T.V, is not who I am in Real life” Really? So you mean to tell me that Reality T.V is all one big staged hoax that is far from being real. As unreal as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Batman and so forth.

Being misinformed or lead to believe falseism as altruism plaques Texas Death Row’s conditions. I say this to illiminate fact from fiction. To express what is Reality here and what’s it really like for men who are living out their final days alone – every day with in solitary confinement.

Within the past two years I have done a few media interviews with pro and Anti Death row media outlets. Id like to share with you a few bits of our conversation (s) in a segment I’l Call Reality Tv Verses Reality

REALITY TV How come everyone on Tx Death Row claim to be innocent?

Innocent people were killed and many were brutally so. The

Prosecution could not have wrongly convicted all of you

REALITY There’s as little as a shade over 300 men on Tx Death Row as

of 2012, And I can count on both hands how many here

claim to be innocent in a court of law publically. I being one

of those ten fingers. Which leaves you with a mere 2% if Tx

Death Row population that claims to be innocent. A far cry

from “all” claiming to be innocent. Now you have men that

did not kill anyone, men the prosecution admits did not kill

anyone but were convicted under law of party. A law that

says one did not kill anyone but is associated -somehow –

with the killer, This law is nefarious as STAND YOUR

GROUND LAW, which is destroying innocent lives in the

name of ignorance. Would you be Pro Death penalty if it

was your child stranded on Death Row claiming innocence?

Whats your Reality.

REALITY TV I was told that every man on Tx Death row has tons of

money they’d swindled from good hearted people who were

naïve and manipulated by greedy inmates.

REALITY I was told if I pull my tooth out of my mouth and placed it

in my boot under my bunk that the tooth-fairy would

replace my tooth with pardoned papers. Well Im still here.


Not one Enron- executive is on Texas Death Row, there is no Bernard Madoffs, No Allen Staffords- there are no Corporate American billionaire on Tx DR., These men manipulated, swindled, and bamboozled hundreds of billions of dollars from good hearted (as you said) people.

The Reality of that Texas Death Row Men (Tx D.R Women can work) are not allowed to work nor earn any independent pay, 95% here is represented by the same entity that incarcerated them; The State Of Texas.

Soak that in for a second

Ok Now think about how counterproductive this is. The same jurisprudence that convicts and sentence one to death is now the same governing body that is appointed to save y

our life? Am I the only one who notice how fuckin insane this whole train of idiotic logic is? And because of this reckless reasoning is the exact reason why Injustice continues to spread like a california wild-fire.

Nearly half of all inmates here is indigent, Items like toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, stamps, stationary and etc… Is NOT FREE! This polunsky unit makes sure we suffer from the Stockholm syndrome, where we have to buy what we need from them. How do we purchase these things? From good hearted people who understands.

I know a few men here that has never had a visit in 10-20 years. Neighborly inmates becomes their only visitation. Fact is, guys on Texas Death row is broke.. Not living lavishly,- barely living. Most live on State issued food, that according to NPR News that reported on 28th August 2012 (check archives) T.D.C.J had a contract with a dog food company from 2006-2007”

Translation they fed inmates Dog food for a whole year, Of course the spokesperson for TDCJ claim that they did not know it was dog food, They just thought it was cheap meat.

REALITY T.V: I think if you on Death Row you are guilty DNA don’t lie and

all on Death Row should be executed.

REALITY: They say DNA dont lie. Therefore I concur, Since 2008 four

Texas Death Row inmates walked out of their cells and

walked into their family homes as free men. All received

new trials on judicial technicalities that the state of Texas

refused to retry them for whatever reason.

There are three cases pending the courts where inmates had to file a lawsuit just to get DNA testing in their cases. The results showed inconclusive results, or the DNA collected and used to convict in trial, now says the same DNA was never tested. Another case shows another unsub’s DNA . Still all three remain on Death Row, but you said DNA don’t lie right? So why these men, as well as others are not being freed?

Ignorance not only lie, it deceive, it impregnates prejudice pseudo-aphorisms into the thinkings of people who carry heavy hearts, victims families remain victims themselves because they do not care what is fact from fiction. What is truly Reality? Whoever the D.A says is guilty, is guilty. And if DNA frees the accused then DNA do lie after all.

You see so many times people in this society ‘Play rolls’ like Evelyn Lozada, and when Reality smacks them or in her case- head butts them “they dont want to play anymore and that my friends is the shit that Reality TV is made up of.

I sit here on this uncomfortable rusty bunk in my R.i.p Van winkle state, amazed at how contorted people in today’s society live and think. Its as if the majority has lost their damn minds or has watched too many Reality T.V shows to understand what is real and what is not real.

But at the end of the day the other thing anyone has to ask themselves is “Whats your Reality?”

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