Through the years I’ve come up with some sayings that I truly believe in, and sayings that has lifted me up and calm me during some of my most chaotic moments living in solitary confinement. I’d like to share some of my sayings that has been stored within my journal all these years, and give you all a sense of how I view certain things of the world. Maybe you will find them insightful, maybe not. Either way they are my proverbial sayings …

  • Just Pray! Pray even more when your prayers sem not to work. / C.H.M 2001

  • The best lovers are spiritual lovers./ C.H.M 2001

  • Sometimes the harest thing in this world is to live in this world./CHM 2002

  • Boldness is not ignorance, only assurance that we(believers) are one within

    the one God we believe in./ CHM 2002

  • Wisdom that comes from a sincere heart will lead to a solid foundation. CHM 02

  • Wisdom is the true wealth of all mankind./CHM 2002

  • Each man must identify and define his own sins and answer his own convictions./CHM 2002

  • I get weaker as the days get longer and stronger as they day(s) ends./CHM 2002

  • Life places a heavy load on all humanity, but if you want to live, you have to continue to lift./CHM 2002

  • It’s our past that gives our future an identity,/C.H.M 2003


  • A enemy will love you secretly. A friend will hate you openly./CHM 2003

  • When you are aware of who you are it doesn’t matter what others say you are not./CHM 2004

  • At times the things that we feel is not from the suffering of physical pain but the development of our own submissive imagination./CHM 2004

  • Beauty is the creation of Self./CHM 2004

  • I’m a firm believer that you can find beauty in anything and anyone, as long as you can reason that beauty does exist.If you seek you shall find. IF you find it, its because you took time to look at it./CHM 2004

  • The moment we begin to value absence from a loved one is the moment we ourselves become absent minded./CHM 2004

  • Patience is a virtue and virtue is a sentiment to one’s patience. Not everyone possess such a will./CHM 2004

  • I suppose one can say that ‘change’ isn’t as rapid as one would hope and yet it isn’t as hopeless as we tend to believe./CHM 2005

  • I know the maturing of the mind helps to deal with the immature acts of the past./CHM 2005

  • Everything that Glitters isn’t Gold, and ever classy eye isn’t caused by good wine./CHM 2005

  • You don’t have to be intelligent to be wise. Just less ignorant./CHM 2005

  • The Supreme fuel that drives the human race into decision makings is contradictions. The base in which we do things this way today and eagerly change it tomorrow./CHM 2006

  • In today’s society we tend to place our trust(faith) in Religions and not in God. When this happens society fades away from the truth only to embrace truth-less realism. When such bifurcations exist, its like drinking from satan’s personal cup./CHM 2006

  • I want to be the air that you breathe, the breath that you seek, the reason why you yearn to be loved./CHM 2006

  • What is sanity without the added flavor of insanity? They must co exist together in order to explain and separate one from the other./CHM 2007

  • Chivalry is’t dead, only the knights who displayed chivalry acts./CHM 2008

  • Two or more in the face of humanity makes ‘friends’./CHM 2009

  • I’m so thankful for all God has given me that at times I tend to get forgetful./CHM 2011

  • You can not be a teacher of mankind, if you do not know every Kind of Man there is./CHM 2011

  • There is two religions of today’s world -justice and Injustice, One is the truth, The other is masqueraded as true, and so often believed,/CHM 2011

  • Society is so quick to dress up the injustices in the land while the amazingly snassy nudity of Justice continues to be wrong as to prornography and not cogent art that shames deceitful minds./CHM 2011

Written by Charles ‘chucky’Mamou, the philospher known as CHM

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